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  • Wish List: Rugged Ip Phone

    Here ya go:

    I work in OIL AND GAS industry. OSHA has lots of regulations governing intrinsic and non-intrinsic devices as well as the placement of those devices.

    I would like on IP phone that is INTRINSICALLY safe, ruggedized, and acoustically sound (for lack of a better word).

    This phone would not have a speaker phone (wouldn't need it in nearly any situation where you would need a RUGGED phone). It would have a rugged LCD panel for the keypad as well as the screen (similar to the new panel lcds you see on thermostats) so that there are no hard buttons on the phone. The screen would be a resistive, rather than capacitive touch, though for intrinsics, i dont think this would matter. It would be nice because it would be easier to protect.

    Ideal locations for me would be OIL platforms, vehicle maintenance shops (mechanics get very greasy - yes oil people do too, but they don't answer phones while working on wells typically), and dusty warehouses.

    Thats a tall list for a phone, which i would probably pay around $700 - $1000.00 for. But, it >>IS<< a "wish " list.

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    Rugged Phones

    Great Idea -

    Several customers would like more rugged units for manufacturing areas and labs. It would be nice to offer a more rugged unit with all the features of the IP phone. Currently they are using Anolog phones.


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      We are using all analog phones on the "shop floor" for this same reason. I'm not sure how far I'd go $$ wise, but would be a nice option.



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        EnviroXtreme Rugged IP Phone

        My apologies for bringing up an old post.

        To answer your question, there is a ruggedized IP phone called the EnviroXtreme.

        The 7961G/62G EnviroXtreme is a hardened, ruggedized IP phone designed created by Coleman Technologies, Inc (CTI) that provides all the functionality of Cisco’s 7960 IP handsets. The EnviroXtreme has been tested to a variety of MIL-STD 810F and MIL-STD 461E standards and can withstand harsh, extreme conditions including excessive temperatures, moisture, shock, vibration, and abuse.

        If you want more info you can email or PM me. Take care.
        [email protected]
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          Look at a Dect Ascom solution. The I75 meets the requirements you are asking and integrates with ShoreTel via SIP. It is in the price range you are suggesting. I just finished reviewing the requirements you are requesting in a Water Plant and a Waste Water Treatment Plant. Lots of chemicals, harsh environment, and these meet the OSHA regs. Just a different train of thought.


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            I think that is a great idea guys... Yeah, several customers would be liking more rugged units...

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