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  • ANNOYANCE: cables shipped with phones/power bricks non-standard

    This was an insanely annoying occcurence during our install, because of the fact that we had lots of wiring issues, and lots of IDF's to puch down patch cables into switches, etc...

    It got to the point in the install where any/all Cat5 patch cables were used for any/all parts of the install... and lots of offices where 7 footers werent long enough so we threw these non-standard cables into our pile of "to be used anywhere" patch cables ---

    Anyway, in the cables, oranges and greens are switched on each end. The ends match, so, its a straight cable. But, when you clip off one end and punch it down normal, you're creating a crossover

    Very annoying for big installs! Come on ShoreTel, whats up!

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    ShoreTel uses T-568A standard , while you are appear to be using T-568B standard ( orange and green swapped between the 2 standards).



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      Brad - Frank is correct we use 568A on both ends thus giving you a "straight" cable. Are you cutting the patch cable and trying to re-terminate???

      If you go from your wiring closet to the wall jack that can be 568A or B. but if you want it to be straigh you will terminate the same on both sides. same goes for the patch cable. So if you went for example:

      Closet Panel: 568B ---- to --- Wall Jack 568B <--and then plug in --> Patch cable 568A (plug into wall) to IP Phone 568A plugged into Phone. This will work as both runs are straight. Basically pin 1 path is the same on both sides even though the cables might be different in color. Check out this web site.