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  • Allow Auto Attendant state changes manually like user can do with their phones.

    Right now AAs rely on schedules to define the state they are in. Let an authorized user log in to the VM system and change the state of an AA manually.

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    That would create quite a bit of confusion, once it was done should the AA follow the next scheduled change? If there is no other scheduled change should it revert after a set period of time or stay forever? Can you ever regain the schedule once you make a manual change or are you locked into manual changes then? Hunt groups make decent toggles (with the *18+HGNumber) and we sometimes use a control set as well when this kind of functionality is needed. I agree that AAs leave something to be desired, but any change like this would mean a complete re-working of how they operate, it would not be a simple feature add.


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      I'd also like to see this capability - have it follow the same exact behavior as route points and workgroups. You could always workaround the issue by just moving the number to a route point that always forwards to the AA but that's a lot of extra work. I'm not holding my breath that Mitel will ever change this though...


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        You are not wrong, blanning. BTW I really appreciate your replies. This could be confusing for sure given Mitel AA's current behavior. I think the simplest way would be to have a new state called Override. That state would have no scheduling. It would be permanent until put back.

        Where AA state change would be a huge bonus is when we have emergency events or even periodic events each year. So basically the AA would be in it's usual on-hours state most of the time. But for example, when tax season comes, we could manually set the AA to Override state. That state would do it's thing for the tax season duration then be put back to on-hours eventually.
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          I have used a dummy user profile to handle these types of on demand changes. Then I hide the user from the directory and make sure the operator has the user in there contact list and are set to be a delegate. The operate can then toggle the users call handling modes to make these manual changes when they feel the need to.
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