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  • Mute Event Alerts Per Site

    Currently, if we receive a ShoreWare alert that a switch is out of frame, or lost communication, etc., the only way to stop the alerts till resolved is by deleting them. Then we have to go put them back once the issue is resolved. The problem with that is if another site has an issue we won't know it. We should be able to mute the ShoreWare alerts on a per site basis so we can stop alerts from blowing up our on call cell phone after hours, etc. and email during the day and still have the alerts at non-impacted sites active.

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    The only way to do this would be to have different possible sources for each site (i.e. one DVS per site), or more likely, to use some 3rd party NMS to get that functionality rather than the built in feature.


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      Thanks. Much appreciated.