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  • Ability to Filter User List (in Director)

    It would be GREAT if ShoreTel could add filter capabilities (even if it was only extension / Last Name) to ShoreWare Director. I know for most companies, this isn't a big issues -- but for us at Adrian College, with 1,000+ user accounts in director, we REALLY need to be able to work in shoreware director faster. Sorting by name / extension and then using the drop down box to find a specific user can become a big pain after you do it the 500th time.

    If I'm looking for extension 3975, I'd like to be able to type it in and have the user account come right up. Likewise, if I type "Smi" and hit filter, I'd like to see all the last names starting with "Smi" come up (Smith, etc).

    Brad Maggard
    Adrian College

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    I didn't even realize that wasn't an option until you mentioned it...great idea!


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      Yeah, I know if ShoreTel wants to target medium/larger businesses, this is one feature they should add!