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  • Wireless Headset Off-Hook Control

    Would like the wireless headset (Plantronics CS50/CS55 in our case) to be able to take the phone off-hook even if Call Manager "Auto Off-Hook Preference" is set to Speaker.

    Basically, the Phone should always be "listening" for an Off-Hook request from the headset regardless of the default Off-Hook Preference.

    Here's why:

    I use the headset a lot, but I also use the Speaker quite a bit as well, particularly when listening to voicemails. Now that I have the new Plantronics Ring Detector, I keep the headset turned off until I need to make or answer a call, but this makes listening to voicemails on the headset a pain because I have to turn it back on to play each voicemail, which is why I prefer using the speaker as the default off-hook preference. I've also turned off handsfree mode so that I get a dialtone in the headset to let me know when it is off-hook.

    Bottom line is that it would be much easier if the phone would just listen for the off-hook request from the headset regardless of the default off-hook preference. This would allow me to set my default off-hook preference to speaker and then answer a call or place a call in either speaker mode or headset mode without ever having to touch the phone.