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  • Macintosh support

    I would like to have Mac OS support for the Call Manager.

    Entourage support or the Mac Address book support would be nice.

    Running Parallels or VMware Fusion just for my call manager is a bummer

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    You know, I just completed a survey for shoretel, and this was on the list of questions. I put it as a "high importance" item. Usually, its the big boss that's the rebel in the company, and he wants to use a MAC. Try telling him you can't do that on a MAC after he writes the check. No fun.

    At least that's been my experiences.


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      I'll vote for it too!


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        Def need that. Also PCM support for Linux OS.


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          I've gotten it with MCM and iPhones too.


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            I had heard rumors that a Shoretel partner was developing a java version of PCM which could effectively be used on multiple OS's.... Not sure where that stands.

            For me though, Mac support on that recent survey wasn't much of a priority. We just don't run into it enough and i'd rather see engineering resources spent elsewhere.


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              Any update on this? I'm using VM Ware too (which generally rocks, but would rather not have to have it running just to route and make calls.)


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                Mac Support

                Here in our part of the world MAC is big. We have a good number of advertising companies and a boat load of printing companies as clients. ShoreTel gets us in the door until the issue of MAC support comes up. Then we are out of the door.

                We HAD a client (university remote campus) with 183 Macs and one PC. That one PC is there because no one has written program to unlock the front door with a Mac. It will go one day. They just purchased an Asterisk ( I snickered too!) But hey it works.

                We have installed a legacy system with 52 digital stations and 34 IP phones all users are running Mac and they have a pretty good user interface. This was in print shop that caters to printing Fortune 500 reports.

                I understand the desire for dollars going to other engineering needs. I'd like to see a ShoreTel that can equal the current legacy systems, haven't seen it yet.

                Yes, I am an old telephone fart.


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                  I'm definitely casting my vote as a "high importance" feature for an OS X port of the call manager. Would also LOVE to see an iPhone app for the Mobile Call Manager.


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                    Is there a MAC TAPI?


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                      Tally up another vote on this one.

                      We have execs, video, & publishing running osx.

                      Would be nice if they could take advantage of pcm.

                      and of course they have iphones, haven't been able to slow that down at all since 2.0 & activesync support. --not that I'd really want to slow it down, it is a nice device.

                      -UPDATE- If we could get satisfactory citrix support, this would be acceptable to us. It may be the simplest way to get OSX, & 64 bit working for now.

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                        Agreed - MAC version of software needed - publishing and advertising firms here are using MAC's.



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                          I'd love to have a Mac call manager. I just put a ShoreTel system in my business. I have 50+ PC's on the network, but my business partner and I have Mac's and love them. As I replace the PC's on the network, I hope to replace them with Mac's. The only software I need, that I can't get for the Mac, is the call manager. I hope ShoreTel is working on it.


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                            Any chance of an official response?


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                              Originally posted by MacDude View Post
                              Any chance of an official response?
                              Official? I don't think so. They don't like to openly discuss Roadmap items, but trust me, this board is read by many Shoretel employees and execs and they hear our pleas.

                              I would expect to see a web-based (maybe Java?) call manager before I would we see an exclusive Mac client. Only makes sense... A Web-based client would work on multiple OS's, like MAC, Linux, 64bit MS,a nd maybe even windows 7.

                              Personally, I think it would be cool to build a Call Manager around the Adobe AIR concept.