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  • manage ourbound trunk usage

    I would like to be able to set the type of hunt sequence used by the ShoreTel system when it decides what trunk to use when dialing out.

    Within a given trunk group I would like to be able to set if the individual trunks is going to be used in a round robin, least idle, top down, bottom up manner.
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    Ryland Marshall
    Certified ShoreTel System Engineer

    Any comments that I make are purely my opinion. I am not a ShoreTel employee and do not represent them in any way, other then loving the product. Any advise that I may give is to be used at your own risk, I can not take responsibility for any harm that my come from your decision to use my advise.

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    That would be handy. I want that too.


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      Or better yet, have different trunk gorups overlap. i.e. group A uses TG1 unless it is full then uses TG2, and group B uses TG2 unless full then uses TG1


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        It would be great for us to designate the primary use TG and have a secondary TG in case of overflow


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          I agree with this... A way to modify the outbound trunk being chosen would be a great feature. Other than using custom dial plan which is very cumbersome and hard to figure out.


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            I agree. What is being asked for has been a standard feature in the legacy PBX world for many, many years.