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  • Shared Mailbox in Communicator for "non-agent" users

    For some general informal Workgroups such as sales, accounting or administration staff, having access to a shared voice mail box would be nice. Most users in these situations, do not need the agent features such as login in and out, wrap up and etc. Having to add "agent communicator" for each user in the workgroup becomes cost prohibitive.

    Some have recommended sharing a folder in outlook. Nice workaround, but what about in a lotus environment, or for someone who needs to see it in communicator?

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    OK, I think if you make a route point, that goes directly to voice mail, you can have that voice mail go to a distribution list. This is how I've always done that.

    The problem is that everyone on the list gets the voicemail, and they dont know if it has been listened to by the others or not.