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  • 2 Digit Extensions vs 3 or 4 digit

    Does anyone know if you can make the ShoreTel system have 2 digit extentions vs the traditional 3 or 4 digits? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance

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    Short answer: No

    Long answer: ShoreTel assigns extensions to System Extensions, AA extensions, Hunt Group, Work Group, Backup AA, Distribution Groups, etc.

    2 digits is not enough.


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      This does not appear to be doable via a custom dial plan either.

      This could be done with custom programming, but not easily and with some limitations. I would strongly recommend against doing this.


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        I have done this on a testbed system to answer the same question, by manipulating the database this can be achieved, but many of the system extensions act erratically since they are built in other parts of the code to expect a minimum of at least 3 digits. So the answer is that it is possible, but your system would be somewhat unstable and prone to odd behaviors that more than likely could not be cleared up, also TAC would not provide support while you are configured for two digit extensions I am sure.


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          You could get a bunch of button boxes and have "1 digit" dialing...