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  • notes field

    an area to write notes within Users> Edit Users> would be great. This would allow to write notes such as when a contractor\consultant may leave, or any notes that may be useful to anyone administering the system.

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    I agree. In fact, I would like to see a comments field on most all configuration items. In particular, Route Points, Workgroups, Hunt Groups, Trunk Groups, etc.

    In larger systems, sometimes you do some odd configurations to make the system route calls where you want them to go, and being able to document that right in the configuration would be very helpful.

    One example is that almost all of our workgroups are backed up by a hunt group. It would be nice to be able to add a comment on the Workgroup that says "When adding a user to this workgroup, also add the same user to huntgroup xxxx"



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      yes, this would be very nice. I agree.


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        Also being able to have a note section in the IP Phone Address map to list what office location the teleworker is in.