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  • Bypassing the 9

    Can Shoretel 10 Bypass the 9?

    We have customers that want the 9 buried, we found the solution for analog phones, but want to know if their is a solution for the IP phones.

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    You want to upgrade from 8.1 to 10?


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      He is talking about not making the users dial an access code to get outside the system. I do not think so - but I will take a look to see if there is a new work around.


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        The only way to do this results in the inability to dial internal extensions (without using PCM or assigning speed dial buttons) as it forces the phone to assume all calls are trunk destined.


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          Chris, I knew that was how it has always worked, but I had not specifically looked since 10.1 came out GA. There are no new work-arounds I presume?


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            It does not have to be a 9. You can change it to another digit. Or how about giving them fast dial keys for the most common numbers dialed.


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              Well, this requires changing the way that the system routes calls. When you dial a 9 (or whatever digit you select), you are telling the system that you're making a call that needs to be routed to the PTSN. Otherwise, it looks for an internal extension or option to match the digits dialed.

              You could suppress the 9, but then every call placed from the keypad would be an external call, and only speed dial buttons could dial internally from the handset. PCM would work fine, of course.

              So, how do you tell the system that your call needs to be routed over the PTSN? How does the system differentiate between internal and external calls? You can't use the number dialed, as it's entirely possible that the sequence matches an internal extension, hunt group or work group. Even if it didn't, you'd be asking the system to send every dial attempt to the PTSN that didn't match an internal extension even if it was a misdialed internal extension.

              So that's the problem - you have to tell the PBX that it needs an external trunk to place the call somehow. You could have a button on the phone, but that's no easier than dialing 9 and takes up an extra soft button. Since there's no standard that defines ranges of internal extensions like there is for IP addresses, there's no way for us to know what ranges you're using, and I doubt you want to be forced into a pre-programmed extension scheme.

              In the end, while I understand the desire, I just don't know of a way to accomplish the goal that is easier for the end user and technically feasible.