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  • Universal Button

    This has been something I have banged my head up against a number of times and is probably too open ended to ever be implemented, but it would solve a great number of the other issues that come up.

    The request itself is for a button on which digits strings of any length can be programmed. Currently all buttons require either a valid extension length or a valid external number length and format. There are a lot of issues that could be cleared up by allowing digit strings of different lengths to be programmed on one general purpose button type. Also this should include the ability to insert pauses and hook-switches so that more custom uses can be implemented.

    Some examples of uses for this new button type would be.

    A button that dials a trunk access code simulating the ability to press a button to seize a trunk.

    A button that allows you to toggle the busy state of a hunt group (would not show status obviously).

    A button that dials into a paging unit, pauses, and then enters a string of digits to program an action on the paging system.

    And many more....

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    I agree with this! I am sure every installer has come up against this at some point.


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      You get my vote!
      I have run into this before, and been quite frustrated...


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        Essentially what this would need to be is a macro recorder for a ShoreTel phone. i.e. Be able to simulate button presses on the phone. This is certainly doable, and now you have me interested.


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          I'm interested.

          We have a customer that wants to have a button programmed with Trunk Access Code and local area code (carrier requires 10 digits for local), so he can just dial the rest of the 7 digits of the number.

          He's old and stuborn and does not want to use PCM and his old Nortel that we replaced had this button feature. He's also the CEO of the company and we're not in his good graces at the moment since we took this feature away from him...inch:

          Palitto, you would be my hero if you could find a way to make this work.:helpsmilie:


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            Dr Klahn,
            I would love to talk with you about this. Please call me at 330-335-7271. Ask for Tim.


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              You got my vote also! I would love to be able to do pauses and internal * key sequences!


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                I have run into the need for a buttion like this as well. Would also like to be able to program this as a call manager buttion and/or a phone buttion.


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                  This is a great idea. *puts in formal Enhancement Request*