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  • Forward to VM

    I am often in scenarios where I need to have several lines or extensions have appearances on one phone and all go to the main mailbox for that phone (private lines, several lines for several functions that kind of thing), and what I would like to see is a way to set up call handling so that my no answer/busy destination is a mailbox. As is you can only put in an extension and then the call also rings that extension before going to vm. This can be confusing for the end user. Ideally this would work like in AA menus so that you decide where to send it (an extension number) and then whether it should ring the phone or take a message. This can be worked around with personal call handling rules by auto forwarding any calls from the private line extension straight to vm, but this is a little confusing to come back to and have to figure out what exactly is going on, especially since we have 8 techs so everybody is not intimately familiar with every customer.

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    Interesting idea. One thing that might make the setup clearer for your techs would be to use an auto-attendant. Put a tiny silent wave file in it, set the timeout to 0, and set the default action to Take a Message. Then you can name it with an obvious name.