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  • Find Me -> connect on answer

    I understand the logic behind Find Me prompts ("I have a call from 000-000-0000. Press 1....") but hate them. My problem is that if you fwd to a cell phone, hands free use is impossible. Obviously, I can simply BAN cell phone use in cars, or streets, or in general, but even when I am sitting in an airport, it is irritating to answer the call, and find myself talking to the recording, which is saying 'HEY GUESS WHAT YOUR PHONE IS RINGING BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CALL!! A CALL! INCREDIBLE. WANT TO ANSWER THAT CALL?'

    Easily solved I think... PLEASE add an option to specify that "Find me" work like Office Anywhere - NO PROMPT, just connect on answer. As an option, if someone likes those prompts, fine, they can keep them. Me...

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    In a way I agree with you, but there is one important catch to keep in mind when discussing the connect on answer feature. It only works with a PRI or native SIP trunks! That's right, if you are using a T1, Pots lines, or SIP trunks that have to be converted (and do not stay SIP or PRI) then you can not preform this feature.

    But I definitely do agree that you should at least have the option since the functionality already exists.


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      If you want Shoretel to just call you off system use a route point or setup a workgroup to forward off system.

      The point of Find Me is to allow the system to track you down and if Shoretel reaches your cell or home voicemail the caller doesnt get placed in that but rather redirected to your shoretel voicemail or what ever other call flow rules you may have in place.


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        Believe what you want, but I do wish that "point" that you find so logical was an OPTION - not REQUIRED.

        The 20 people here unanimously HATE this "feature." It doesn't work well anyway, as you must coordinate all your ring settings to get it to work. Good luck.