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  • Discrete workgroup logon?

    Is Shoretel working on a feature that would allow an agent to be a member of multiple workgroups and choose which to log into? This would be helpful for staff with split schedules and those who only want to log into a queue when it's busy.

    Right now, to view a queue's stats/monitor, an agent has to have rights to it, which simultaneously forces them to receive calls from that queue when they are logged in.

    I've asked about this previously and been told it may be included down the line, but so far I see no reference to such a feature. I've also been told to upgrade to ECC but we can't justify the cost for features that seem relatively simple to add to the basic workgroup functionality.

    J Stevens
    Telecom Engineer
    San Antonio, TX

  • #2

    We have a group of users that have different jobs depending on the desk they sit at. It would be nice for them to choose which workgroup they were in instead of being forced to be in all of them.