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  • PCM on Android

    I would really like to see Mobile Call Manager on Android. It is an open platform, and expected to gain a large percentage of the market-share this year. Also, I have to say that ShoreTel has really dropped the ball when it has come to MCM on the Iphone, and it would be nice for them to step up for mobile phone applications.

    I know that ShoreTel enhancements are driven by the combination of complexity and number of people who desire it. That being the case, if this is something you want, just reply to this post and say so.

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    Heck yeah, i say just make a fully functional App for the gphone...may be expensive though. The resources and the process aint cheap ie architects and developers. Now multiply that by 3/4 phone OS's and code translation...just wont work.....wont make the business case. I say wait for the virtualization of phone OS's that run on industry chip formats and choose an OS, ie ANDROID....then create a fully functioning App for shoretel. The business case is, you got the company Apps and OS, the company feels good about it, they control it. The virtualization can be hosted too. Leave all the processing and apps on the company hosted a dumb term....think about it and you will see the benefit. Holla!



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      Check this thread out: ShoreTel | Forums - Mobile Call Manager (Post-298122)

      Last post states they will be working on an android version shortly after the official iphone one.

      I just bought an HTC Incredible, so i hope they hurry up!

      They also killing any windows mobile development.
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        Too little, too late for the iPhone app. Someone beat them to it:

        StreamLine - iPhone Mobile Call Management for ShoreTel Phone Systems

        Although, I would like to see what ShoreTel comes up with for the iPhone and the Droids.
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          Shoretel's implementation will be more verbose than the Streamline app. Streamline is pretty limited in what they can do... They are leveraging what is available via the Web interface for end users... So you can change CHM, modify CHM settings and set yourself in External Assignment.

          Shoretel's implementation of MCM has historically provided:

          Visual Voicemail to your Shoretel VM
          CHM changes and settings
          External Assignment
          and dialing of contacts on your phone through EA.


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            Another note about Streamline's implementation is that last time I looked, you had to open ShoreWare Director to the internet. Hopefully they've restricted this a bit more since then.


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              I got this one to work (kinda) on my Motorola Droid: sipdroid - Project Hosting on SIP/VoIP client for Android


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                Interesting.....SipDroid is. People flip when they see the iphone as an extension on Shoretel but when they ask about call manager working, I say not yet......they say oh....ok.


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                  I see other mobile OSs are supported - RoamAnywhere Client | ShoreTel
                  Let's catch up ShoreTel. Android is very widely used and moreso all the time in business.


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                    I'm pretty sure ShoreTel will begin to support Android 2.1 just before android 3.0 is released.

                    They're always a step behind, and I've given up hope that they will change that.


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                      ShoreTel is sometimes a little behind the "curve" but then again, most of their features and platforms actually work when released as opposed to several other manufacturers that I work on from time to time.

                      As to the Android support it is supposed to be in the works, but it is worth noting that ShoreTel prioritizes which features get time first (blackberry is the most heavily used business smartphone platform followed by IPhone and Android is actually pretty new to the business phone market and does not have much share where ShoreTel's business is) and as a result sometimes they back burner things because of the low percentage of users who would take advantage of it.


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                        Updated stats


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                          Additional stats

                          I realize these stats are based on all consumers, rather than just enterprise (I would be glad to look at a chart that's enterprise only), but it definitely shows where the trends have been going and continue to go. Android phones have been the most popular at least this entire year, and before that they'd been increasing in popularity at a high rate. ShoreTel has flat out dropped the ball on this one and it would be nice to see them finally put something out for Android, seeing as it has nearly 1.5 times the market share of its nearest competitor.
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                            How are you handling the grumbling?

                            Just curious to know how ShoreTel admins are handling the grumbling...we were under the impression that a Droid MCM would be available by now. Strong rumor has it hitting Spring 2012! Not even a beta to mess with. By then, MS could own RIM! We have a large Droid install base and we're at a loss. This isn't 'behind the curve' as someone suggested. This is dropping the ball, and then tripping over it!



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                              i agree 100%. Its quite disappointing. Sometimes developing in house makes sense, but realistically, for this item, subbing it out for faster output makes more sense.

                              We got one for apple years ago, android should of been right behind it on the production line.