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  • Reserve Blocks of DIDs

    I have a block of 500 DIDs. It's split into groups of 100 which are used for specific reasons. I had 200 of these DIDs that were each associated with an inbound toll free number. Some of them were assigned to user DIDs and fax DIDs.

    I would like to see the ability to reserve groups of DIDs so that they cannot be used at all. Or at least only by a specific user level on Director.

    If there is an attempt to assign the DID, the user is prompted with a warning "that DID is reserver for %insert_reserved_group_name_here%. choose a different one.'

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    You could prevent others from using the DID's by setting up DNIS entries for each of them on the trunk group. It might take a while to enter 100 of them, but it would prevent others from using them, and you could use the "Dialed Number" field to document what they are reserved for.


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      That's a great workaround... thanks for the reply!

      hmmm, an "import from CSV" function would be a nice feature for DNIS mapping.


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        Question regarding the DNIS, I am trying to add a DID number to a new user, but when I hit save, get the following message: "Cannot save user: the digits XXX have already been mapped to a DNIS number on the same trunk group! "

        So far, I cannot locate that DNIS record to make it available. I called the number, and know where it is currently going, but when I look at all the users of that location, none of them are using this as their DID. Where can I go to find this?

        Any help would be much appreciated. Been learning quite a bit from this place, thanks!


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          Should be under "Trunk Group" "DNIS MAPPING"

          You don't need a DNIS mapping unless you are doing something special. If it is assigned as a DNIS entry I don't think it can be a DID also, it could only forward to a different DID.