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  • Does ShoreTel have a formal Enhancement Request process?

    I'm just curious about this because I've seen a lot of good enhancement requests come across this forum, and some of the best (and most basic) ones have never seemed to make it into the product.

    I don't recall ever seeing a ShoreTel employee reply to one of these threads, which makes me wonder if they even give these consideration.

    Partners, do you have a formal method of requesting enhancements from ShoreTel? Do you have any type of voting process?

    How does ShoreTel determine which enhancements are most needed by their customers? It seems to me that this would be good information to know.

    How many ShoreTel customers and/or Partners would vote on enhancements if ShoreTel provided a list of possible enhancments?

    If someone from ShoreTel IS reading these, can you let us know what is the best way to request an enhancement?


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    Yes, there is a process to submit enhancement requests through your partner or if you have an enterprise support agreement. We don't have control over the priority.