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  • Client Contact Sort - Large Icons

    Since we have upgraded to 9.1, the operator extenstion monitor (now called contacts) cannot be sorted in large icon view. The default sequence is strictly alphabetical by first name and in a vertical list to boot. The previous version allowed sorting by name, extension, etc. and has been lost in the new version. Bring back the sort feature for large icon view -- multiple sorts and in horizontal rows as opposed to vertical columns.

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    The contacts will begin to tile horizontally once you fill up a vertical row.

    What version did you upgrade from, the contacts in 9.1 are almost identical to those in 8.X versions.

    Also, in large icon view they only show the name, if you could sort by other fields, it would look kind of confusing and random.


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      We came from the version 7.x platform. Actually it is not confusing at all. I would really like a sort by extension (which v7.x did). Our extensions are grouped by department, etc. That way the operator can see all the users of a particular department organized together -- now they are all over the place. It would be nice to see all "customer service" large icons grouped together so you know who is available to transfer a call to. Now it becomes a hassle to see who is available and where a call should go.


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        Worth putting in a request for if you like, they would need to add headings or something to the large icons view, but I am sure they could work it out if they choose to.