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  • Camp-On or Call-back

    We had this on our old system and it was great to be able to "camp on" someones line until they were free.

    One of the features that we as a company really miss - especially if you have people hard to get hold can now be assured they will get a phone call from you as soon as their line is free.

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    We now have a custom available for purchase which can replicate this functionality. At this point it works as follows: While the other person's phone is ringing or after you have been transferred to their mailbox, you may press a preprogrammed button which will begin to monitor their line. When they hang up their current call, your phone will ring. When you answer it, your phone will begin to ring the phone of the person you originally called.

    If you are interested, we usually deal through ShoreTel partners. If you're not a partner, please contact your partner and have them give us a call to obtain pricing. If this does not meet your needs as described, we can work with you to find a solution that does. Our phone number is 330-335-7271 and you will want to speak with Bryon Palitto or Tim Zarkovacki.


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      If your users have Professional Call Manager, you can do this by right clicking on the extension and selecting Alert When Available.


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        Thanks Chris, I had never noticed that before.


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          What version does this work with? I have operator call manager 8.1 (13.23.2606.0) and don't see an option to alert when available.


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            9.x and higher


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              There is another piece to this that I recently discovered. Once you bounce to voicemail in the call manager there is a blue flag icon in the call window. Click it to "Tag for Alert". They you get a pop-up window when they are available again.

              This is available in all the Call Manager versions.

              If they wanted to make this almost perfect - you would have that Blue flag while dialing and there would be a option on the phone itself...


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                Correct, this is as of 9.2 I think (at least that is when I noticed it) and it just throws the flag for the "Alert when available" option that cburgy mentioned and can also be accessed from a right-click option. This would be nice to have on the phone itself....