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  • Remote IP analog adapter

    We will sometimes setup multiple sites to use just one switch, but if we want an analog line (for fax machine) for one of the sites without a switch, we'd have to have a POTS line installed.

    Is there anything out there that can connect an analog line to the Shoretel system, even via SIP or something?

    Something like a SG-24a, but with just 1 analog line.

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    Try the Mediatrix 4102.. Good price, good product but pretty complicated to config. Remember though, Fax and modem over IP is an iffy situation...


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      Would you happen to have any screenshots of the config, or other instructions?

      Compared to a Hitachi wirelessIP5000 (sip), is it much harder?


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        I have recently set up a mediatrix 1102 with ST 9.1, it wasn't easy but know that it is done it is not bad. I documented the steps if you are interested.

        The 1102 is a two port device.


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          The 4102 is also a two port device, and there is a very detailed App Note on how to do it.. I think the note number is: AN10103


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            Thanks yall!

            One thing I found on the Shoretel site said "Please note that ShoreTel does not support the configuration of MediaTrix equipment and has not tested the attached document. Please consult your MediaTrix professional as needed. "

            And then I found the instructions on how to set it up... along with their successful test results.


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              I have setup the MediaTrix device (drawing a black on the model right now) for just this type of situation. Worked like a charm...but I was running it over a point-to-point T-1 connection.

              As the others have mentioned the up front config takes a little work but after that is was rock solid. I was a little concerned of trying to run fax calls over SIP but I am happy to report a successful implementation!

              Make sure your MediaTrix has the latest firmware!



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                mediatrix 4102


                I'm trying to setup this 4102 and am having trouble find a tech doc. was wondering if anyone has one can you email it to me?