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    I can understand why ShoreTel has historically made the decision to not support true DISA functionality (Direct Inward System Answer) but it seems that there must be a more reasonable solution to this potential security threat than simply not allowing it at all.
    I can think of two solutions that, either used separately or in conjunction could greatly mitigate the risk and still allow this frequently very useful feature.
    1). Treat the DISA extension like a route point and allow it to be assigned a user group that would limit the ability to dial back out of the system from the extension. (Most legitimate uses of DISA include needing access to system resources from the outside world)
    2). Require a password before any call can be placed using this extension.

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    I'm not sure I see this as very useful?

    1. What system services can you not access by hitting the backup AA and dialing an extension from there? (Paging extensions, perhaps)

    2. What about external assignment? This can get you an internal dial tone, or you can just initiate calls from call manager to whatever you wish to call.


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      The normal use is for an outside caller to place a page on an internal system. ShoreTel's use of extensions for everything make it not absolutely necessary in alot of cases. Either way, it can be replicated (though somewhat clumsily) by putting an off system extension on a trunk and then not sending the digits to that trunk. (I think this is what Palitto Consulting was talking about)