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  • handle intercom calls based on CHM

    This has already been posted as an enhancement request to ShoreTel, but I wanted to put it out here for everyone to look over and make suggestions on. At the moment if your user group (technically it is the COS within the user group but you have to deal with the permissions in terms of user groups) allows you to receive intercom calls, then you are able to receive them all of the time regardless of call handling mode. This does not make sense. We have some executives who like having their secretary intercom in throughout the day, but not if they are "in a meeting" with clients!! Our request to ShoreTel was that each call handling mode should have a check box to deny intercom calls, if the box was checked they would be handled like regular calls. (Just as though you did not have the ability to receive intercom calls at all)

    Let me know what you think. Is there a better way to implement this?

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    I second this one. I agree that it should be in the CHM settings for each CHM to allow or not allow intercom calls.


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      Another "second" ...


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        As a note, native support would be excellent, but this could also be done very easily using a custom. ShoreTel provides documented APIs for getting the current call handling mode and for changing a user's group.


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          How would the custom script work for the end user? Specifically, could the end user click one button on their computer and change their permissions and call handling mode or would it have to be a two part process?


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            My thought was as follows:

            * User changes their CHM from Standard to In a Meeting

            A service running on the server:

            * Notices the change a few seconds later
            * Notices that user's group is currently "Group"
            * Checks to see if the group "Group-InAMeeting" exists
            * If it exists, changes the user's group to "Group-InAMeeting"


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              Here is a program offering functionality as described above.
              Enhanced CHM Switcher


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                I agree (and think I am on record elsewhere) as saying that intercom should be tied to call handling exactly as like the ringthru.