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  • Move from Mail Box to Mail Box

    When our customer (or us) calls in to check a message in a MB there is no way to get out and go to another MB. Example: I check my MB and then want to check the service MB --- can't do it without making a new call.

    Couple this with no interrupt on greeting when DID is dialed to listen to your own MB, and it makes us look sort of lame.

    On most any $1.95 phone system there is a code within a MB to dial (or be prompted to dial) to a new MB.

    Did I sleep through that part of the class?

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    On our system, you can press 9 at the main menu and be transferred to the default AA, which is our office manager saying "Thank you for calling PCS". You can press # during the greeting to get back into voice mail and enter a different extension/password.


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      I believe you are correct!!!! Now any thoughts on interrupt your personal message to listen to messages when dialing DID? And Thanks!


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        Yes, just press '*' '#' to override your Greeting and login into your mailbox.
        Also, to go bypass a greeting, just press '#' to start recording a message...