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  • BCA in a Hunt Group

    I have a user who is a manager for two store sites. He has a phone at each site and moves his extension around. Incoming calls for both sites ring into hunt groups. The manager wants to be able to pick up calls for the site he is at but does not want to hear calls ringing into the site that is remote to him at the time. My thought was to put a BCA in the hunt group and make it appear only for both sites. The catch is you cant put a BCA in a hunt group. This would be a great feature to add.

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    I think you are stuck on this one...

    What I would do is create a second user with his name and assign it to the other store.
    So, now you have "John Doe Store1 x101" and "John Doe Store2 x 102"
    Assign his existing extension and DID to a dedicated hunt group that rings his phones at both stores. Now you can assign his store1 phone to the Store 1 HG and his store2 phone to the Store 2 HG.

    This way the phones will only ring with local HG calls, and still get his extension and DID if you have them.


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      That would solve ringing, but completely hose his use of Voicemail and call manager.


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        Could you set up two hunt groups at each site? First hunt group includes him and all the other users at that site. The second hunt group includes the other users minus him. When he is not at site A, he busies out the first hunt group at site A and unbusies the first hunt group at site B. First hunt group at each site would be set to forward to second when busy.