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  • Class of Service Directed Intercom by Groups

    I am at a medical center with more than 40 Class of Service groups. Several groups would like the Intercom capability, but there is no choice to limit that to a User Group. If we open it up and "trust" each user to only call their group we may quickly be in violation of Federal HIPAA rules for confidentiality as any user, with intercom permission, can intercom any phone on a system (including a physician with a patient in the room) and listen to any conversation within 15 to 20 feet. There is a tone, but that can be missed and evesdropping can occur. My supervisor tested this out by intercoming an unoccupied office and then reporting on conversations occurring nearby! If the intercom capability were limited to either a User Group or a Class of Service group we could provide departmental intercom service. As it is we are almost completely unable to use it.

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    It sounds as if it will work to just drop intercom calls, not block them all together, correct? This should be very easy to do. If you're interested, please call Bryon Palitto at 330-335-7271 to discuss.


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      I am starting to think there isnt anything Palitto cant do to a shoretel system.

      Do you have any sort of list of customizations you have/can make? I realize some stuff is really focused to a certain environment, but I bet you have done something somewhere that we could use and we don't even know it.



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        Hello Gary,

        This is Bryon Palitto replying...

        Daniel Cheramie normally contributes...

        Thank you for the compliment! We are committed to adding undeniable value to the ShoreTel platform.

        We have some very basic marketing information on our web site Palitto Consulting Services, Inc.. Solutions are generally limited only by budget. We are very focused on personal customer service. If the question "I wonder if we can do x" arises, please ask for our ideas. Asking is free.

        Our objective is to partner with the ShoreTel Partner to enable and enhance their solution sets. We do not compete with the ShoreTel Partner, we complete them... and we are not limited to custom development... we also assist by providing expert integrators of the base ShoreTel platform, CC and ECC.

        I will happily demonstrate some of our past projects to you. Please let me know if you are interested.

        Bryon Palitto


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          In the Shoretel Administration Guide for version 8.1 it states in section that if the "Accept Intercom/Paging" radio button (on the COS page) is set to "All" that "users within this COS may receive intercom calls or pages from anyone in the COS." This is not true! If it is set to "All" the users can receive intercom calls from any COS that has permission to initiate intercom calls. That is my problem.