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  • LED Buttons on IP230 should work like IP560

    On the 560, if you set you CHM to DND, the Call Appearance LEDs turn red. On the IP230s, they don't light (only an icon changes on the LCD). This stinks! They should work the same.

    I gave up my 560 to a person that needed more programmable buttons but now with the IP230, I find that I forget to set my CHM back to normal because I look at the LEDs first.

    Jay C.
    ShoreTel 8.1
    Build 13.24.5910.0

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    It may be possible to do this with a custom. It is not simple, however, as the IP Phone Display Service takes control of the phones, preventing any other applicaiton from sending updates.


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      Also, I just put a DID on my extension on a IP230 and the DID doesn't show the way it does on a 560. I want my 560 back!