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  • Monitor Extension

    We have found a work around to show station status presence (idle, ringing, call on hold or park, active call, etc) by assigning the station to a BB24 button as a monitored extension with no ring and no caller id options set.

    I am not sure but I think there might be a bug with the monitor extension feature ops:

    If a station puts a call on hold or a call is parked for that extension the user who has the button to monitor can hit the flashing orange button to grab the call from that station. I would think that at that point the ownership of the call would change to the new station but thats not the case. If you place that call back on hold again or even park it to another extension the system reverts ownership of that call back to the original station and it disappears from the call appearance button on the station that just placed it on hold ir parked it else where....

    Is this a bug? If not I think the ability to take ownership in the above scenario should be a feature.

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    I know this is an old topic, but believe the way the ShoreTel system is working is by design. I think this way, the ownership of the call always falls back to the original handler for call audit purposes. Since this topic is so old, I hope someone can either clarify my thoughts, or correct me. We just got on-board with ShoreTel 12.2, and it's issues like these that are good to see being discussed.