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  • Extension Monitor - IP Phone Button- Provide Status Only

    Would like to have a button on a phone that is assigned as an extension monitor that displays only visual status.

    Currently User "A" can monitor user "B's" extension and also answer user "B's" calls. I can restrict ring but the user notices the light/button flash and can press and answer.

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    Program the button as a Dial Number (Speed Dial). Assign the desired ext. This will provide a DSS/BLF type function. Phone activity/status will be given, and if the user presses the button, it will ring the assigned ext. (and not be allowed to answer any of their calls.)


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      This sorta does work (changing the number to be monitored from "monitored extension" to "speed dial") when viewing activity from the call manager. Which is good to know. But not from the phone I am using. (530)

      So now with the extension I would like to monitor set as a "speed dial" I do see the call status while hovering the mouse over the call manager toolbar icon, however on the phone (530) the display doesn't show any status.. Now Probably if I was using a 560 phone with led lit buttons instead of solid black buttons it might give me the call status that the standard 530 display doesn't show.

      I will try and test it with a remote user that has a 560 sometime today.


      I tested it on 560 phone (with red/green led buttons instead of solid black) and there is no change in display status or button illumination when the speed dial (extension to be monitored) is in use.

      But the call manager does display status.

      So maybe I should request "Modify phone buttons to display call status on internal speed dial extensions" like it does in Call Manager.

      2sjd - Thanks for your input and sharing info!!!!
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        My 560 does illuminate the LED of the speed dial assigned ext when it is in use. It may be a bug in your build that's keeping the assigned button dark on your phone(s).


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          Could be. I am on 7 - 12.5.2810.0
          The user I Tested this with is in another state. I setup the phone remotely and he confirmed the button (my 530 in Ca.) was on his (560) display.

          I dialed into the remote shoretel (from our rolm system) and called his 560. Then placed an outbound call from my 530 that he was monitoring.

          He said no lights or anything.

          What version are you on?


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            I am on that very same build.

            FYI: I've had to upgrade two customers this week because 6.1 build 11.15.2603 has issues with the monitor/speed dial buttons reflecting true phone status. Which is why I went in that direction earlier.
            (6.1 build 11.15.3104.0 corrects this issue.)

            Is the "speed dial" being programmed via Shoreware Director IP phone button programming page?


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              Added via the Director programming page.

              Now,, remember I only tested this with one person, over the phone. He did see the display change from a standard call appearance (a little phone icon) to my speed dial description.(exten #)

              When I went off hook on my 530 and dialed a number something should have changed on his 560. He said it didn't. This is a person that has monitor buttons already and is sometimes annoyed that they are too bright and distracting. Especially red.

              This all started when he (the user helping me test) walked into someone elses office that was monitoring HIS extension, the extension rang and the person monitoring it picked it up and handed him the phone.

              It would be nice if I had a 560 here to test with. I didn't think about grabbing one before I left the site. Maybe I can test again on Monday with a different user.

              It would be nice if it could show the status on the actual display window could change for phones without ulluminated buttons like my 530 but new phones,, new features :-)

              Test again on Monday