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  • Pool softphone licenses

    We have a lot of users that will occasionally work from home/remote and it would be awesome to be able to have ShoreTel pool the softphone licenses instead of having to assign one to an employee that may use it a day out of the month.

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    this is a great suggestion and I second it


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      What would you do in cases where 2 employees happen to be home and both want to use the single softphone license?


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        I get what he is asking make the softphone license run concurrently this would allow them to be used more conservatively when you are in an office that some users are both office and remote users. However the down fall of this would be that to loosen this one feature shoretel would have to tighten down all the other we would lose that 45 day grace we have to test and try the other features. If you think about it you if a license runs concurrent but the manufacture allows you to run out side of you license for 45 days it would be like shoretel giving features away.