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  • Hunt Groups and Missed Calls

    With Hunt Groups, when a call comes in, and someone answers it, it shows up as a missed call on everyone else's phone in that hunt group.

    It would be great if in the hunt group settings, there were a checkmark to toggle if answered calls show up on other peoples phones as missed calls or not.

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    I second this one. We have simul-ring setup on our hunt groups and this has been a point of confusion with our users.


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      Other Hunt grooup rquest

      I tird that one, an answered HG call should not show up as a missed call.
      I use HG quite a bit, especially for operators. *18XXXX is nice as far as I am concerned, but 2 additional features owuld be great: 1) HG busy indicator. 2) Make HG busy button that also has the HG busy indicator

      Monitoring Huntgroups pose a bit of a problem as well, they don't ring an dyou can't answer it by pressing the button. There have been two instances where I wnat to set up a HG with a top down and simultaneous scenario. ( ext A and Group1 ring then after certain time ext b and Group 1 ring)

      I know I can chain HGs but in a multi site system with several admins having chained HGs can be confusing.

      HG voicemail indicator and access by 1 button on all styles of phones.


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        Is there really no way around this within ShoreTel? We have lots of clients who do not want a whole lot of structure for incoming calls (Mainly local small businesses).

        I would think this feature would be expected and the easiest to make happen.


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          Ryan, can you describe specifically what you want to be able to do?