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  • Distinctive Rings for Hunt Groups

    I have user's in mutliple hunt groups, and they would like it if each hunt group could have it's own ring tone.

    It would be good if the phones could handle more then 4 ring tones too.

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    I have users in more than 2 huntgroups (some common workroom phones have 6 hg assigned) having rings assigned to the groups help the users of the common space continue working knowing it is the other department's call ringing.


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      Distinctive rings that override user prefs on the workgroup and hunt group level would be a good idea.
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        Can you change Hunt Group ringing?

        Several replies that would like to have this. Nobody replied if it is possible. Can you have a distinctive ring on a hunt group call.(Calls "0" out of Auto attendant to an "operator's hunt group".


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          I do not believe that this is possible. If it were an outside call pushing DNIS you could get there by using personal call handling rules in professional call manager, but not by HG at the moment. Maybe something with the SDK. Ask Palitto Consulting about that, he knows the SDK inside and out.