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  • Complete Extension Listing

    It would be great if there was 1 view that you could see all extensions being used, instead of having to go through the different Admin settings individually.

    Currently you have to go to Individual Users, AutoAttendent Menus, Workgroups, Huntgroups, Paging group, ect. to see each extension being used.

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    System Directory

    Administration -> System Directory not what you're looking for?


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      At a closer look, you are correct.

      At one point, I wasn't able to find the paging or pickup groups extensions in the System Directory.

      I clicked on "type", but compared to everything else, there's so few of them I must of kept skipping over them...



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        How about an export to .csv or tab-delimited function as an enhancement request.


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          Wow, I second the export function request. What a great way to update our extension lists that we send out to our employees!


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            I've already written one as a command line utility.

            There are 2 outputs:

            Complete System Directory:
            Type, FirstName, LastName, SiteName, Extension, DID, Work#, Home#, Cell#, Fax#,
            and Pager#

            or short:
            FirstName, LastName, Extension, and Site

            It's pulling data from the System Directory view and creates a .CSV file. It was written against ST 6.x and I just tested against ST 9 Beta - works fine.

            PM me if you would like a copy. There's no install - just copy 2 files to a folder on the HQ ShoreWare Server and run it. The syntax of the command line options will display.


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              I may be missing something but why don't you just do the open as text from the PCM system directory?


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                Originally posted by jmccumber View Post
                I may be missing something but why don't you just do the open as text from the PCM system directory?
                The Directory list in PCM is filtered - you don't see all types of extensions defined in the system and it doesn't display extensions where the Include in System Directory is not enabled or the Private flag is set. The System Directory list in Director shows all extensions and their type. The command line utility i wrote pulls all the extensions out of the system into a CSV file.