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  • Couple fo Feature Requests

    Good Day,
    I have a couple of requests.
    1) We are running Shoretel in a somewhat unique scenario. We are hosting multiple businesses on one enterprise system (18 sites so far). Seeing these are separate entities, they each need their own site operator. What happens is we are forced to set a personal assistant on each individual user to keep callers from hitting zero in the user voicemail and getting forwarded to the original site operator.
    2) Holiday schedules need ability to set start/stop time rather than whole days only. Most people work some weird half day schedules during holidays. A checkbox for whole day is acceptable as long as we have the ability to override it with custom times. (we use the custom schedules for emergency closures, etc).
    3) Shoreware interface: An expanding tree would be a godsend. Navigating is very clumsy, all of the lines and colors bleed together and it is difficult to separate at times for us old folks.

    Great system overall, I'm having fun with it so far.