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  • Import Account Codes

    We would like to request a way to import Account Codes.

    One of our customers is a law firm that wants to have all their client numbers entered for LD calls. We have to manually input 1753 client numbers into the system.

    This would be a nice add on for the future.


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    what version is it? if its 7.5 you can import in MS access, use a excel spreadsheet, with the headers AccountCodeID




    then import the spreadsheet into the database as a table, the account codes will be there.


    • #3
      Later versions use MySQL to store the config, but it is stored in much the same format. You should be able to use the MySQL ODBC driver and some other program such as OpenOffice Base or maybe even a linked table in Access to do the import. Note this isn't supported by Shoretel, but I don;t see why it won't work. :_smile:


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        Version 8.0 - We contacted TAC and they stated it was not possible.

        We tried to back door this but when we attempted to import using MySQL Query Broswer the account codes appeared in the list but stated invalid when used.

        Would be nice to have them add this as a feature as well as a PRINT feature.



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          Did you restart the account code service after import? The changes only are refreshed when the appropriate trigger is fired or about once a day.


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            We will test this on the demo system in a few days to see if that makes a difference. Glad I have a engineer who knows how to work with MySQL. :-)

            Thanks for the information.


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              This is what we do for our customers and it works you do have to restart the account code service though.

              Here are the steps

              1. Export you account codes into a .CSV file and name it anything in this example i'll name it AccountCodes.csv format should be like below

              1037,1037,Mike Jones
              1040,1040,Nancy Smith

              "Notice the account code is there twice, also make sure there is no commas in the name, and spaces are okay"

              2. Run this script below to import from AccountCodes.csv which is located in the root of C:\

              LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/AccountCodes.csv'
              INTO TABLE accountcodes
              FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','
              LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n'
              (AccountCode, AccountCodeInput, AccountName);
              Sergio Valles
              [email protected]
              # 909-972-0398 Direct
              Certified ShoreTel Engineer


              • #8
                Thanks svalles. I got this to work in 11.2 using a slightly modified version of your script.

                USE shoreware;
                LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/scripts/AccountCodes.csv'
                INTO TABLE accountcodes
                FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','
                LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n'
                (AccountCode, AccountCodeInput, AccountName);

                BTW, for anyone that hasn't done it, you'll need to make sure you connect to the MySQL instance that contains your configuration Database... Seems obvious to me now, but it took me a few minutes to work it out.


                • #9
                  strangely we've been able to upload successfully the accountcode, accountcodeinput and accountname; and we still get the invalid code response from system. If we enter the code from within the shaoreware director then it gets placed as a valid code. what does the shoreware director turn on that importing it does not?