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  • The BEEP

    Has anyone encountered the BEEP in voicemail to be short and quiet?
    I have a rep from professional services agreeing that it is a bit too unnoticable. They want to charge for a patch. I would like to see if others agree.

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    Re: The BEEP (and AMD Multi-core Opterons)

    Greetings, Flipmstr2.

    I'm new to the forums, and just trolling to increase my general comfort level with the system, and came across you post. Sorry I don't have a more timely response.

    You don't list any specifics, but we had a similar problem with our installation and did resolve the issue, but it was rather hardware specific.

    First, my system:
    ShoreTel 7 (Build 12.6.2301.0)
    ShoreWare Director sever Win2k3 R2 SP2 on a Dual-Core AMD Opteron

    We were hearing the beep get shorter & shorter - first a nice healthy beep, then more of a chirp, then it would go away alltogether.

    A reboot of the server would temporarily fix things, but then it would again start to degrade.

    After much head scratching, my VAR came up with this:

    ShoreTel | Support - Voice Mail Quality Degrades and is Resolved by Rebooting the Server
    (ShoreTel KB10005)

    I'll let you read it for yourself, but they recommend installing some AMD Dual-Core Optimizer software (linky provided in the KB entry).

    We did so, and haven't had a problem since!

    Hope it works for you,