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  • LLDP for ShoreTel Phones?

    One of the challenges an admin/installer will face when dealing with ShoreTel phone installations is the TWO BOOT DHCP issue to find the right VLAN. Assuming you are planning to use VLAN's to create QOS on your LAN; ShoreTel will first make a DHCP boot request on your native VLAN. This will cause your DHCP to create X new DHCP leases to accommodate the requesst; DHCP will also hand out the obligatory vendor option 156 and tell the phone to reboot in the proper VLAN. Aside from a time sink, this causes your native VLAN IP pool to be drained of IP leases. CISCO, uses CDP (CISCO Discovery ) protocol immediately ID a phone device and cause it to boot in the proper VLAN, all in one boot. Some switches, like the DELL (shock) enable you to specifiy the OUI portion of the MAC address (i.e. 00-10-49 = shortel) and automatically have it assigned to a voice VLAN. New IP phones coming into the market from Mitel, Avaya are supporting LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) which accomplishes basically the same thing. ShoreTel needs to support this standard. Interstingly, though I doubt CISCO will drop CDPv2, is adopting LLDP.
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    LLDP (and more specifically, LLDP-MED) is on the roadmap. we thought it might make 8.1 but didn't. I'd guess it will get rolled into 9.0.


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      If the development engineers actually had to install this stuff, I think we would see more effective tools for adminsitration, installation and trouble shooting!


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        Hey Dr. Pete

        Nortel has this available as well!