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  • Colour Change with Regards to Call Handling

    One issue we keep finding, especially with less than computer savvy individuals, is that they forget to switch their Call Handling mode and it drives the receptionists nuts. Since this is a wish list, I would love it if the colour of the Call Manager would completely change when you changed your Call Handling mode. I realize that there is a little icon showing what mode you are in but I don't think this is enough. If the whole Call Manager panel changed to say red for "Out of Office" and blue for "In a Meeting" I think it would serve as a better reminder for individuals to switch themselves back into "Standard" mode.

    We've actually gone as far as making little cards for users to put next to their monitors so that they remind themselves when they have set themselves in a mode that makes them completely unavailable.

    Just a note; the reason this is such an issue for us is 90% of the users do not have a handset and are using Jabra 9350's plugged directly into their PC, so the Call Manager is the only thing that can remind them as to their current status.

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    I'll give that one a vote. This happens to me quite often, and I'm the ShoreTel admin.

    I go to a meeting, and when I come back, I forget that the phone is not in standard mode until some time later. Since I monitor 5 other lines on my IP560, my phone lights always look like a Christmas tree, so I don't always notice the top light being orange.

    Besides, some folks like to set their phone to ring 1 time when in "In a Meeting" mode before going to voicemail so that they can see the missed call on the phone. When they set it up this way, the phone does not turn all of the call appearance buttons orange.