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  • Voicemail Message control via PCM

    We have a policy, when salespeople are out sick they have calls and e-mails forwarded to another salesperson so that we handle our customers. Problem with this is that say Sally has her phone and e-mail forwarded to John and John doesn't answer the phone, the call drops back to Sally's voicemail and the sales call is missed until she returns.

    What I am doing in the meantime is setting up the voicemail to forward in Director, but this is a big pain with several hundred users and would be cool if the user could do this themselves without having to contact an admin.

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    If I am understanding you right and you want users to be able to adminster the call handling modes all by themselves form PCM. They already can. Almost anything you can do in director for call handling you can do in PCM.

    Are you using 6.1 and the latest PCM? If not this might be a moot point since I do not know anything about shoretel before 6.1.

    I would have users set a call handling mode, such as Out of the Office, and have them forward all calls to another extension. Forwarding transfers the calls so the calls become the property of the second callee. We had the opposite problem on our system we wanted calls to go to a covering extension and then fall back to the original users voicemail. To do this we used external assignment instead.


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      We are using 6.1 and when the calls are forwarded, the system does not release them. If the forwarded to party does not answer the call drops to the original mailbox... According to my partner this is by design.


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        Along a similar line (kinda).

        I have a client that is an lawer office. Each Lawer has a Secretary. Some Lawers share a secretary. If a Secretary calls in sick, then another secretery would cover. An easy way to have the lawer forward the secratary's phone would be ideal.