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  • Paging Groups

    I'm going to use the analogy of a school district for the purposes of this thread. Several little things here could make life more enjoyable if clarified or FIXED:

    1) Why does a group page at School A have to go back to the DO and be sent from the HQ server? THis functionality should be placed on the DVM at each site. The bandwidth used for 70 phones is 5.7MB. Sheer luck is that they have 10-100MB pipes.

    2) Why is ShoreTel still using Unicast instead of Multicast? Item one could be greatly helped by this. Most switches/routers of name brand have the ability to support multicast.

    3) If a ShoreTel 120 can "technically" support 120 simultaneous calls if the trunks exist, then why is Product Bulletin 0200 does it say no more than 40 phones per switch in a Paging Group. Each phone in a paging group is treated as an individual call, so why can't the 120 handle the pages?

    4) In regards to item 3, is there any "processing power" difference between a Model 40, 50, 60, 90 and a 120? In the 70 phone scenerio, if I use 3 Model 50's with 25, 25, an 20 phones per switch, should that work or will the model 50 support fewer phones in a paging group that a 90 or 120?

    There is a LOT of opportunity here that is being missed.

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    I totally agree. I work for a large community college. We are currently in the process of installing phones in all of our classrooms and labs. It was a big disappointment to find that we would not be able to use group paging effectively for notification in case of an emergency lockdown.


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      How many phones can you use effectively in a paging scenario? I agree with OldPhoneGuy this was a big disappointment and it would have been nice if our installer would have been up front about it.

      We have moved into a larger building and the employees are dispersed. Is there some magic number of phones I can put in a paging group or must I shell out another
      10K for a paging system?


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        Paging is a huge sticking point, and your Sales Engineer should have brought this up, I know I do everytime a potential customer brings up paging. Yes, I agree, I wish it were Multicast, it would make life a lot easier.

        I do believe there will be some big changes in this area in the next year. There needs to be.