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  • I am having a problem with the CDR

    I have a customer that is using the shoretel CDR reports for all his bill backs, and the problem is that no matter how you dial the number the shoretel is putting the the call in canocal format. Which means that if I dial 011(international ) the shoretel is stripping the 011 off of the call and then displaying it in the cdr reports without the 011. The customer has no way to know what calls are international because on his old system he would run a report on 011.

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    I don't have access to a ST currently, but more than likely its getting dropped in the Crystal rtp file. If you have a copy of Crystal 8 you could edit the rtp file to show the full string if that is where it is getting dropped.

    If the data is making it into the cdr.mdb file and its not getting truncated in the cdr file the truncation would have to be in the query that is the data source of the the report. Look in the call and connect tables to confirm.

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