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  • Vlan question

    In order to implement VLANs and have intervlan communication, is a seperate router required or will a l2/l3 switch do the intervlan routing. We are a new ShoreTel partner and i am not really a data person, but i need to know what hardware is required in order to have a successful install. The switches that we are using are HP Procurve 2610-48 PWR. The router is the variable i am not sure about. Also if any of you have a config guideline on these switches to setup a voice vlan and implement QOS that would also be great.



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    The 2610 series is a light layer 3 switch and will do inter-vlan routing. Since you are not familiar with LAN design, you could use the menu under telnet on the HP to help.

    You will turn IP routing on, create a new voice vlan, give the switch an IP on the main and voice vlan.

    On your ports (assuming a simple environment), you will configure them untagged vlan 1 and tagged vlan 10 (assuming that is your voice vlan).

    You'll want to setup DHCP relay on the voice network to your main DHCP server (and setup a new scope for the new network... 192.168.10.x/24 for example).

    Also turn QOS on. At the CLI, type conf t
    then qos type-of-service diff-services
    then type write mem

    Those are some basics.


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      The 2610 is a L3 switch and will do intervlan routing? Thats not a bad price.


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        HP 2610's do very basic routing (static routes only) Still a good switch to deploy.