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  • Cisco 7960/7940

    I am trying to set up a cisco 7960 and 7940 sip phone on my shoretel system to test the operation of sip extensions on the new shoretel 8.0 I have a prospective customer that want to use thier existing cisco phone on a shoretel system. I am having trouble setting up the cisco phone to operate as a sip phone. Needing assisance on obtaining the correct files for the phone. If anyone has knowlege of cisco phones thier help would be greatly appreciated.

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    We've done this... Nathan from our team might be able to shed some light or send you a sample config for the Cisco phones. What firmware are you running on the Cisco's?


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      Shoot me an email: nbendel [at] I'll send you what I have.


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        Thanks for your help

        Thanks for your suggestions. we have made the phone work.


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          I posted a video on that describes how to set up a SIP softphone; we do CISCO 79XX; and Sipura/Linksys as well as Linksys Wireless Handset using SIP. A key element is providing the Virtual IP addresss of the Proxy server for single IP access to multiple proxy servers. There are a variety of limiations on sip extensions and you should see ShoreTel applicatiion note AN-10078. - Drvoip.

          YouTube - ShoreTel 8 Admin: Configuring SIP - by DrVoIP.COM

          if you send me an email I have also put together a document describing how to set up Linksys Wireless WP330 as a SIP extension. [email protected]

          I will update it to show CISCO 79XX as well
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            Hi drvoip,

            and the Utube link is?