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  • Incoming CLI incorrect

    Help needed urgently!!
    I have just installed my 1st ShoreTel over the Bank Holiday and all has gone well except the incoming CLI is incorrect. The customer is making a huge ordeal about it and I need a speedy fix. I should point out that the previous system (Telrad) reported correctly.

    The fault is as follows: If I call from my mobile number, 07957170890, the displayed CLI is 02057170890.
    I have changed the Local Area Code in SITES and whatever code I enter, the displayed CLI is the code with a 0 prefixed and then the remaining part of the number.
    For example, if the Area Code entered is 1580, the displayed number is 01580xxxxx.
    TAC seem to reckon that this is a carrier issue but as it worked before, I am not so sure. I have checked in the trunk moninor program and it displays teh same CLI as the handset displays. As this display can be changed by changing the SITE area code, I cannot see how this can be a carrier issue.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Do you have any additional area codes or nearby area codes in the Trunk groups setup.

    What do you have set as number of digits from CO.

    Or Translation tables under System Parameters.

    I am a new installer as well. So I'm just throwing out ideas.


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      It almost sounds as if only the phone number is getting through to you, and not the area code. The shoretel system then may be throwing in its best guess for an area code.

      I would look at the carrier as well on this.

      I am not sure but maybe they have a setting to allow 7 digit vs 10 digit CLI pass?

      The carrier should be able to bring out a test set. They could then see exactly what is showing up for caller ID on incoming calls and eliminate, or implicate, the shoretel system.


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        I am inclined to believe that this is a ShoreTel issue as well. We had similar issues in Australia in the early days as well. I would raise this through your reseller to the TAC. The can remote in and run all sorts of cool commands on the trunk connected switch to see exactly what the carrier is sending.

        Perhaps carriers are more co-operative where eazeaz is from but Down Under you'd have no chance of getting a telco to play this game.