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  • upgrading to ST8

    I just upgraded our demo kit to ST from 7.5, the upgrade went well, but have an issue with the switch, it won't take the upgrade. Quicklook shows lost communication, but I can ping the switch from the server. Tried rebooting, tried to burn flash, but got error saying "necstatus = -20 [FFFFFFEC]"

    Any one come across this before

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    ST8 on Demo Kit

    If you look in the release notes for ST8 it tells you that the build is not supported for Demo Kits and that shoretel will correct at a later build.
    I was going to upgrade also but something told me to look at the build notes first.



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      V8 can be installed on demo kits, the call manager cannot. We have both our demo kits going strong. The software does not know whether it is a demo kit or production server.


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        Running ours on the demo kit with no problems... VMWare environment.


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          that is good to know. does everything operate properly ie. PCM etc.


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            Ours is not a true demo kit, we built our own, but the issue was that I had turned on the firewall because I needed to get to the internet thru our dirtynet, so when I turned off the firewall the switch took the upgarde.
            But I had a hell of a time upgrading some of the phones, the 212K came up, but when I changed the user on it, it wouldn't take. It showed the changes in the director, but not on the phone, until I rebooted the server (weird) and the 230 wouldn't come up at all, had users assigned, but again had to reboot the server to get the phone to come up.