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  • CS50 and HL10

    I ran across this in another post (author jsunr31) "In ShoreTel 7, when using a wireless headset like the CS50 you no longer need to use the handset lifter as the phone will use the signal sent when you press the call pickup/hangup button on the CS50 to make the phone go off hook without actually going offhook physically."

    If that is the case, does anyone here know how to set it up? We currently have the hl10 handset lifter and everyone is having a devil of a time trying to keep the things mounted to their phones. If it's possible to go off hook W/O that stupid lifter I'm all for it.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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    Change your Auto Off-hook Preference to be Wireless Headset in Call Manager (right click on the blue circle icon in the status bar). I think you can also set this in SWD under Personal Options for a user.


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      The above is true, but you will probably want to add the ring detector box from Plantronics if the user expects to hear the phone ringing while away from the desk. It's like $25.


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        I thought the auto off hook didn't come into effect until 7.5?


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          Auto Off Hook

          Thanks for the information

          The options I have in 7 for auto off hook are "headset" and "speakerphone", neither of which allow me to get dial tone or answer an incoming call without physically pressing a button on the phone. Makes it hard to answer calls when I'm goofing off away from my desk