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  • iphone

    Has anyone successfully used an iphone to administer/troubleshoot these systems?
    I'm debating trying it, as I spend a lot of time on the road and really don't want to lug my laptop everywhere I go.

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    Has this been successful. The administrators here are looking for ways to administer and troubleshoot. Does the iPhone support MCM????? Is a Blackberry better. Any thoughts???????



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      MCM is not currently available for the iphone.


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        There's a big difference between using & administering. Using "Office anywhere" is the only solution I've seen, and the bug with it is that the "##" latency isn't recognized by the system to take advantage of the Office Anywhere functionality.

        However, director (after clicking OK to a few errors) works fantastically. As long as you have your VLAN & WAN setup to allow the traffic, log onto the VPN from your Iphone then log into director from safari.


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          I've used my iPhone to VPN in to our Cisco VPN and then once on the network used an RDP app to both administer and actually upgrade a ShoreTel server from 7.0 to 8.1 without a problem.


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            Also, logmein has some kind of support for Iphone.


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              Hey PhoneGuy, what iPhone VPN client are you using?

              Do you know if your current VPN is setup with Cisco's AnyConnect, or using Cisco's VPN Concentrator?

              I'm trying to use iCommVPN, but it doesn't support URL redirect, which I think is required for AnyConnect.

              Tylerpd1, if something with the iPhone is better then nothing, Sipphone works if you have wifi access (or possibly VPN) access to your network. You could probably use an iTouch as well..


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                I have Cisco SSL VPN setup and that works over the iPhone so it appears as a device on the network over WiFi. Haven't tried the AnyConnect for VPN concentrator. I've seen the Sipphone but haven't tried it yet, I'd be curious to hear how it works if anyone else has tried.


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                  I'm sorry, we were using an actual CiscoVPN client for the Concentrator(which is down at the moment), and then AnyConnect for our Cisco SSL VPN. Maybe we have it locked down too tight, cause I still can't get in with iCommVPN.

                  As far as Sip phone, it's alright. It works. I wish it would run in the background, because I switch out of apps all the time, and can't leave the SipPhone running.

                  My favorite trick is to take my sim card out, and make a bet with someone that I can still call them with no sim card.