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  • Data collection

    Hello everyone

    Do any of you guys have some kind of data collection workbook that you give to your customers to collect information on how they want their system configured. i have searched the partner site to no avail, but i need a template that prompt for info such as usernames and extension, call flow and routing.


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    I think there are some templates in the Planning and Install Guide but I've never used them. In theory I can see the need for this but in practise I don't think it is practical. The reason for that is that clients either don't know what they want or they don't know how to express it. I've found that the best way to determine call flow requirements is to just have a chat to the client and then document it for them. Most clients aren't aware of the possibilities for call flow and need to be guided through it in my experience.

    For the user list, there is normally one for the existing system, I usually get them to add email addresses and user groups to that and send it over.