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  • Moving installation to a new server.

    I'm bringing my installation over to a new server and I was told that all I had to was copy over the shorline data folder and install,but I'm running into access denied errors when I try to copy the shoreline data folder. I've tried stopping all the shoretel services but no success, I know there must be a better way to do this. Any ideas?

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    I have done this a couple of times and I've found that the DB is locked by one of the DLLHOST.EXE processes running on the server. From memory it is the one running as the IPBXUSR but I ussually use the filemon utility to double check.

    A couple of other points about migrating to new hardware:
    - You should stop all the ShoreTel services from the MMC snap-in - not from within ShoreTel Director.
    - You can copy over the VM folder and preserve the voicemail state for each user as well.
    - After copying the folders over reboot, don't just restart the services.
    - Don't copy logs or the Call Records 2 folder.
    - I normally do the install and confirm that the thing works and then copy over the DB and reboot.
    - Ensure that you are installing the same version of ShoreTel on the new server as you are running on the current one.

    Good luck.


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      moving configuration

      To gain exclusive access to the shoreline data folder:
      Stop all services on remote servers 1st (if any) using service control manager or disconnect the network/disable the lan card
      Stop all shoretel services on HQ server starting with notification.
      Almost all other shoretel services will stop as they depend on this service
      QUICKLY stop Shoreware COM+ Package on HQ server using component manager(which can be found under administrative tools)
      You can now have at it!

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